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Unexpected Wreck

The original painting is 30 x 40 Inches, oil on linen, and was originally shown with Trailside Galleries at the Jackson Hole Fall Festival in 2017.

"This painting idea was born in my head when I was in Jackson Hole Wyoming for a show. I saw a book there that was called “the early days In JH” and on the cover you see a rodeo happening with the Tetons in the back. I thought the image was way cool and wanted to paint something in that vibe.. but not a rodeo. So I had this image of my friend Skeeter that was pretty incredible, when his own horse spooked while he was going to work on that new horse. I figured this would be a great image for my idea and that’s how the painting was born."

Released in June 2022    

  • Paper 26 x 20 Inches - Edition of 450