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Under the Eye of Yuttahih

The original painting is 40 x 40 Inches, oil on linen.

“Some believe in the Sun, some believe in the Moon, some in the Earth and some in a God, whatever it is, all agreeing that there is forces bigger than us who are looking upon us. In the Land of the Red Dirt, there once was and forever will be, an eye watching at the people roaming the grounds, passing through, between lights and shadows. This eye is made of all the eyes and all the spirits that were there before us. The Native people of Utah were called Yuttahih. The moon is their eyes. The clouds are their souls. And we are just passengers. Thank you for letting us walk the red dirt, under the eye of Yuttahih."

Released in June 2023

  • Paper 24 x 24 Inches - Edition of 1,810    
  • Paper 38 x 38 Inches - Edition of 504