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Tuah Tah

The original painting is 80 x 54 Inches, oil on linen and was shown at Mark's solo show at Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ in March 2023.

"I asked Lyle: “How was Taos called before the Spaniards came. How you guys called yourselves?”

Lyle answered: “ Tuah Tah. That's how we called the Pueblo people.”

Then I asked: “And how did you call the area north of the Pueblo, the ocean of sage by the gorge, depicted on the painting?”

He answered: “Tuah Tah"

So I said: “so everything is Tuah Tah?"

And he responded: “Yes. The people and the land. It's the same. This is our land where we always been and will always be. Tuah Tah"

So I figured I'd call this painting “Tuah Tah” in honor of the Pueblos who inhabit this majestic land that we call Taos."

Released in December 2022    

  • Paper 28 x 20 Inches - Edition of 891
  • Paper 32 x 46 Inches - Edition of 683
  • Canvas 28 x 40 Inches - Edition of 326

Limited Edition of 100

  • Paper 49 x 72 Inches