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The Pathfinder

The original painting is 40 x 35 Inches, oil on linen. First shown in the 2018 "Quest for the West" show at Eiteljorg Museum

“I have been fascinated with mountain men stories for a long time trying to understand their life and relation with the native tribes. The relationship between mountain men and the Crow natives in the 19th century was complex and multifaceted. While there were instances of conflict and violence between the two groups, there were also periods of cooperation and trade.
Mountain men, also known as fur trappers or fur traders, ventured into the Western frontier, including the areas inhabited by the Crow people, in search of valuable fur pelts. They would trap beavers and other animals for their fur, which they would trade with various Native American tribes, including the Crow.
The Crow natives, like many other tribes, saw value in trading with the mountain men. They exchanged furs for various goods such as firearms, metal tools, cloth, and other trade items. This trade relationship allowed the Crow to acquire items that were useful for their daily lives and for defense against rival tribes.
While trade was a common aspect of their relationship, conflicts also arose. Competition over resources and clashes over territorial boundaries sometimes led to violence between mountain men and the Crow. Additionally, encroachment on Native American lands by settlers and the impact of diseases brought by outsiders further strained relations.
It's important to note that the experiences and interactions between mountain men and the Crow varied over time and depended on individual personalities, circumstances, and historical events.”

Released in December 2020

  • Paper 28 x 32 Inches - Edition of 539

Released in June 2023

  • Canvas 38 x 33 Inches - Edition of 157