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Stream of Dreamers

The original painting is 47 x 55 Inches, oil on linen.

"Some called it the American Desert. Others, the Great Plains. But those phrases were invented by professors at universities Surrounded by the illusion of order. And the fantasy of right and wrong. To know it, you must walk. Bleed until it's dark. Drown in its rivers. Then its name becomes clear. Like God had decided to light this day with candles, the whole of Texas spread out before me. It was the most magnificent thing I had ever seen. Untouched by our dirty hands. To see it is to be silenced by it. Made speechless by its endless uniformity... One must read the sun and stars like a sailor to navigate this place. We've seen nothing but grass for over a week. No grass, no birds. No snakes. Not even a lizard. And no evidence the human race still exists. But the plains are littered with bones. The dirty hand of man can go unnoticed in a city. because his dirty hand made the city. But in this place, where innocence is a mineral in the soil, the filth of our touch is an apocalypse. We have come too far to turn around." 
-Elsa Dutton, 1883.

Released in December 2023    

  • Paper 22 x 26 Inches - Edition of 151
  • Paper 37 x 44 Inches - Edition of 43