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Sons of Blue Lake

The original painting is 36 x 28 Inches, oil on linen and was awarded the  William B. Travis Award for Patrons’ Choice at 2021 Briscoe Museum's Night of Artists.

"This painting was made in honor of the Taos Pueblos. You don’t see a lake because the Blue Lake is the sacred source of water of the Taos Pueblos. The belief is that the first Pueblos came out of this water, who is situated in the mountains of northern New Mexico. For 64 years the area was taken away from the Pueblos by US government but was given back in 1970. The white sheets that the Pueblos are wearing were from JC Penney’s because in the summer in the early 1900s, white settlers in Taos were asking the Pueblos to wear these sheets around town so the women wouldn’t have to bear the sight of bare chested men. Fun fact!!! That white sheet became popular through the paintings of the Taos Society of Artists."

Released in June 2023    

  • Paper 29 x 23 Inches - Edition of 297