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Nantan Lupan Can Wait

The original painting is 40 x 40 Inches, oil on linen.

“Apache time was sometimes different than Army time! During the Yavapai wars circa 1872 in Arizona territory, General George Crook, nicknamed "Nantan Lupan" (the grey wolf) by the Apaches, was in charge of forcing Yavapai and Tonto Apache into reservations (Camp Verde Reservation). In order to speak with the tribes and convince them to surrender, Crook was one of first to use Apache scouts. In this painting, Crook, a small detachment of the 3d cavalry and two Apache scouts, are waiting for Tonto Apache leader "Eschetlepan" and his band who said they would come that day to talk. But they didnt say when...Could be morning, could be noon, could be sunset...So Nantan Lupan can wait!"

Released in December 2023    

  • Paper 24 x 24 Inches - Edition of 98