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Little Sheep (Dibé Yázhi)

The original painting is 55 x 44 Inches, oil on linen.

" In the crimson land where silence speaks
Under the blaze of the nomad sun
Shadows turns to portals on ancient rocks
Whisper of the desert wind caressing the sand
Carrying secrets of the People (Dîné)
Through the doors of perception, the chant of the mothers and fathers echoes in the womb
As the shadows lay taller than our souls
Conveying the pass of time
We let our gaze drifting to the dark
To rest and calm our tormented minds
Dibé Yázhi is the Dîné (Navajo) name for the rock located in the heart of Monument Valley in Arizona. It means 'little sheep'."

Released in December 2023    

  • Paper 24.5 x 20 Inches - Edition of 1,412
  • Paper 27 x 22 Inches - Limited Edition of 100
  • Paper 32 x 26 Inches - Edition of 758
  • Paper 47 x 38 Inches - Edition of 351
  • Canvas 56 x 46 Inches - Edition of 126