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Heaven's Gate

The original painting is 45 x 58 Inches, oil on linen.

“The golden hour and the rolling clouds, casting an ethereal glow upon the barren landscape. A remuda of horses emerged, their shadows dancing upon the New Mexico sage brushes. These creatures, lean and weathered, a testament to survival in this unforgiving realm.
Their coats, a mosaic of earthy tones, bore the scars of countless trials, their hides etched with tales of hardship and endurance. Each step they took, a muted symphony of hooves on cracked earth, echoed the resilient spirit that flowed through their
Together, a nomadic force, led by these tough cowboys, traversing vast expanses with untamed determination. They defied the constraints of fences and boundaries, reminding the world of the primal pulse that thrived beyond the reach of modernity. Inspired by Cormac McCarthy world, this painting evokes the untamed spirit that forever echoes in the wild heart of man. And the skies open to let their soul echoes forever above the west.”

Released in December 2020    

  • Paper 25.5 x 32 Inches - Edition of 336
  • Paper 36.5 x 46 Inches - Edition of 167

Released on June 2023

  • Canvas 34 x 42 Inches - Edition of 134